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Why Is Hair Transplant Cheaper in Turkey?

One of the main criteria used bypeople when selecting a clinic to undergo surgery, especially when itcomes to cosmetic medical interventions, is the price: the cheaper, the better.This is also the case of hair transplants in Turkey, as Turkey is considered to be one of thecheapest countries in the world for such an operation.

There are various reasons for whicha hair transplant is cheaper in Turkey,among them a large number of clinics being one of them. Below, we also provideother reasons for which hair transplants are cheaper in Turkey comparedto other countries around the world.

We also invite you into our hair transplant clinic in Istanbul and see theservices we can provide you with no matter if you need a hair transplant or anyother hair loss treatment.

The main reasons forwhich Turkey is a cheap country for a hair transplant

Over the years, Turkey hasgained the reputation of a cheap country not only for hair transplants but for other cosmetic surgeries also. This is not only aperception because Turkey is indeed a cheap country thanksto the following attributes:

1.      a large number of clinics with specialized doctors which offer top hairtransplant and hair loss treatment services;

2.     its geographical location is a great advantage as it connects Europe andAsia, making a trip here quite cheap compared to other destinations;

3.     Turkey is a renowned touristic destination which means it is quite cheapto travel here, including for medical purposes;

4.     in the last few years, medical tourism has become one of the mostimportant industries in Turkey which is why clinics are located in varioustourism retreats;

5.     the accommodation is cheaper in Turkey than in other countries in Europe and Asia which will decrease theoverall price of the operation;

6.     the price per graft is cheaper when undergoing a hair transplant inTurkey compared to other countries.

The overall hair transplantprice in Turkey is now lower because patients accept lowerstandards, on the contrary. The costs for the procedure are lower, even as thequality remains high, because the overall medical and business costs tend to belower in Turkey, compared to other Western countries. This allows clinics tomaintain attractive and cheaper prices for their foreign patients.  

No matter if you come to Turkey fora hairtransplant or for a hair loss treatment, we welcome you into our hair transplant clinic in Istanbul forhigh-quality services at affordable rates.

Competition makes Turkey a cheaper hairtransplant destination

The large number of clinics specializedin hairtransplants in Turkey has developed a real competition onthe market which is why the prices of such surgeries have decreased in the pastfew years. Compared to Turkey, other Asian and European countries do not have the same number of clinics which make them moreexpensive.

In order for you to have an idea aboutthe averagecost of a hair transplant in Turkey is 3,000 USD, compared toother countries in which the average costs can jump 5,000 USD.

We’ve also mentioned the price per graftwhich is an important factor when determining the overall costs of the hairtransplant. This usually ranges between 0.9 USD and 1.2 USD pergraft.

Our hair transplant surgeons in Istanbul invite you for an initial consultation during which an average price fora hair transplant can be forwarded to you.

Turkey is cheaper to travel to

Because of its geographical location,Turkey is quite easy to reach. With direct flights from most European and Asian countries, the cost of a plane ticket can be booked months before and thus reducethe travel costs by 50% compared to other destinations.

Not only traveling to Turkey is cheaper, but accommodation is also much more advantageous from a financialpoint of view. With hotels which offer very affordable rates all year long,finding suitable accommodation is easier and cheaper in Turkey than in othercountries.

If you are interested in a hair transplant inTurkey and don’t know where to start, you can ask ourdoctors.

Why choose Turkey for ahair transplant?

Top quality services, modern procedures,and the cheapercosts compared to other countries should be the first 3reasons why you should choose Turkey for a hair transplant. The procedures in our hair transplant clinic in Turkey implythe FUE and FUT methods which are the most advanced in the world at the moment.

As a bonus, our clinic is located inIstanbul, so you will also have the unique chance of visiting one of the mostbeautiful cities in the world. Our patients benefit from quality services aswell as satisfactory hair transplant in Turkey results.

In numbers, a hair transplant implies:

·        the average implantation of 3,000 to 5,000 during a hair transplantoperation in our clinic in Turkey;

·        the duration of the operation can take between 6 and 9 hours in Turkey,compared to other countries where it could span over 2 or 3 days;

·        around 5,000 individuals per month came for hair transplants in Turkeybetween 2016 and 2018;

·        the hair transplant industry in Turkey increased by a spectacular 530%in the last 5 years.

If you are interested in a ADEM KÖSE hairtransplant in Turkey, feel free to contact us.

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