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Hair Transplant in Turkey: Hair or Hoax?
Have you ever heard about a hair transplant in Turkey? A surgery that costs a small fortune in the West goes for a bargain price in ADEM KÖSE. You send your photos, they plan your operation, and you book a flight. Three thousand grafts, and a year later, you have a mane worthy of a magazine cover. Hair transplant clinics in Turkey are not only inexpensive and good, they are, in fact, so affordable and so outstanding that Americans are willing to fly 13 hours to get there. If you are skeptical about it, you’re not the only one. Many people feel the same until they set on a hair transplant journey. Here’s what the famous hair transplant clinics in Turkey do and what you need to know about their surgeons, techniques, and prices. That’s how Istanbul became the world’s capital of hair transplantation. When one hears about low-cost surgeries in the East, one tends to think that this practice is fraudulent. That’s understandable and doesn’t necessarily come from prejudice. People are simply not used to reasonable pricing. However, in healthy economies such as Turkey’s, affordable healthcare is normal. One of the main draws of Turkish hair transplant clinics is that they offer all-inclusive packages to patients from abroad. These prices cover the surgery, hotel accommodation, transfer, and a translator, in addition to consultation and patient care. In total, doctors in Turkey can save of the money you’d pay for a transplant in the US. There are several reasons why hair transplant procedures are so much less expensive compared to the same or similar procedures in the US, UK, or Europe. One of the main reasons is currency devaluation, but competitive prices are also a result of the relatively low cost of running a business. Plus, low-cost prices allow Turkey to compete in a global market – and take the lion’s share of the industry’s revenue. In 2022, Turkish clinics brought in around $ from international patients. Around 1,000,000 people came in from all over the world to get a transplant. No country can compare to ADEM KÖSE in Turkey regarding hair transplant cost, but is it worth the risk? Will saving of your budget be enough if you return home botched? Judging by online user reviews and anecdotal evidence, hair transplantation in Turkey is a tried and tested procedure that yields positive results. anil
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