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Anxiety and Hair Loss-Are They Related?
Anxiety is a pervasive companion of hair loss. Those who are losing their hair often say that they fear being ridiculed. Some even develop social anxiety and withdraw from social life altogether. Studies revealed that anxiety levels also account for whether and to what extent will hair loss affect the quality of someone’s life. Predictably so, when hair loss occurs, the higher the anxiety, the lower the overall satisfaction with life. Finally, anxiety can also trigger or worsen hair loss. The exact mechanisms of hair loss due to stress and anxiety are still underresearched. Some authors argue that it is the medication for anxiety that is to blame. Others suggest that hormonal changes of prolonged anxiety and stress affect the hair growth cycle. Yet, one thing is known for sure. Stress and physiological reactions associated with anxiety can and often do induce several types of hair loss.
When we experience hair loss, we tend to think of anxiety as more of a consequence than the cause of the ordeal. Losing your hair does, indeed, often trigger stress and insecurity. However, the association between our mind and body works the other way, too. Hair loss can occur due to stress and anxiety. This article explains how severe anxiety and associated stress can contribute to hair loss. In it, you will read about four types of alopecia that are commonly associated with anxiety. Moreover, we give you three tested ways to deal with anxiety so that you can start restoring your hair — and your wellbeing, too. anil
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