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How non-surgical treatments could cure the worst symptoms of the menopause
Also using Non-Surgical Hair Loss treatments in their clinics is The Private Clinic of Harley Street. They see many women who first believe they will need a full hair transplant to treat the hormonal hair loss they are suffering. The Private Clinic recommends a less invasive method: they are successfully treating post-menopausal hair thinning with these injectables – even though the use of it is still a radical new application of the technology at this stage and they admit, it doesn’t work for everyone. “Some people do much better than others,” they say. “But it’s your own plasma we’re using, so the side effect profile is [minimal], and we’re delivering stem cells and growth factors to those areas. We tend to have a good patient satisfaction rate with that treatment.” One of their trial patients is Louisa, a 48-year-old from West Yorkshire, who considered her hair pre-menopause as her “pride and joy”. “When it started thinning as a result of menopause it really impacted my confidence,” she explains. Louisa tried three sessions of Non-Surgical Hair Loss treatment after three months and found the treatment to be successful, describing her hair as “now thicker and healthy” thanks to injections of the growth-boosting serum.
Whilst it is not a clinically proven way to treat hair loss, non-surgical hair loss treatment is now being widely used as a procedure for hair loss/thinning for both men and women. The published results from studies are promising with many stating the beneficial effect that the treatment has had on those suffering from hair loss. To find out more about our non-surgical hair loss treatment, please call +90 537 641 15 69 or you can use our online contact form to request a call back. anil
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