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Neden Adem Köse

Neden Adem Köse

Saç ekim işlemlerinde uzman kadrosu ile hastane ve doktor tarafından saç sakal kaş ekimi gerçekleştiren, yenilikçi uygulamaları ile başarılarının sürekliliğini sağlayan seçkin bir saç ekim merkezidir. Saç ekimi estetiği alanında Türkiye’nin başarılı saç ekim merkezlerinden biri olarak operasyon ve kontrol aşamalarında hastalarımızın sağlığı ve güvenliği bizim için önemli aynı zamanda en hassas olduğumuz noktadır.


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Hasan ertuğrulHasan ertuğrul
12:29 21 Jan 23
The interest is excellent. The team is very friendly and sincere. Definitely more than a hospital setting. Adam's brain interest is extremely high. It's my 13th day after the procedure and the results are very good. In the future, I will post again in a photographical way.
Murat yılmazMurat yılmaz
14:04 19 Jan 23
Friends, I wanted to share a useful experience for those who are researching this type of treatment or have difficulty making a decision.Although there are many places I could go to because I am a tourist, I did research for about 5 years, because everything had to be very good, because the procedure was about me, I had to find the best doctor because I have a personality that values ​​myself very much. And I accidentally saw a friend of mine get his hair transplanted, and it was really good. I learned the name of the doctor and did some research for about a month. And finally, trust was built and I decided on treatment. The operation was performed about a week ago and the result is tremendous. The cleanliness of the clinic, the great equipment, the best service of the staff and most importantly, my doctor, Mr. Adem Köse's being modest and very sincere. I would like to thank him once again and wish him success.In the future, I will give another information about the level of my hair. I wish you all the best of luck in advance. But do not forget that that chance is Mr. Adem Köse himself.
Ahmet AhmAhmet Ahm
13:30 19 Jan 23
A very high quality and beautiful place, a place that gives confidence with its friendly staff, the transactions they make are very high quality, I recommend it to everyone
Yusuf SYusuf S
13:08 19 Jan 23
I applied here with the recommendation of a friend, Adem is really an extraordinary person, his personality and his respect for the job. You can really come with your eyes closed. A better hair transplant center than all the rest in Turkey. After gaining experience, you will understand everything better🙏🙏
Oguzhan GüneyOguzhan Güney
13:00 19 Jan 23
It is a professional company in hair transplantation. Considering that everyone in the country has opened a hair transplantation center, let someone who knows do the job. Mr. Adam and his team are all concerned and professional. I am very satisfied.